Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library,  Papyrus Collection

Call NumberP.CtYBR inv. 1543
Physical description138 x 179 mm, (A)(col. i) 21 lines, all margins, (col. ii) 21 lines, all margins, (B)(col. i) 6 lines, all margins, (col. ii) 22 lines, right bottom left margins
Date/PeriodByzantine CE iv [CHK]|Byzantine CE v [CHR, TCS]|Roman-Byzantine CE ca. 300 [CBW]
GenreLiterary work
ContentsBible, Acts 8:26-32, 10:26-31
Other referenceNT P50
P.Yale 3
van Haelst 482
RemarksThe order of the columns is (B) col.ii, (A) col. i, col. ii, (B) col. i
BibliographyKraeling 1937
Aland 1963: 307 n. 6
P.Yale I, pp. 15-21
Emmel 1996: 294

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